Friday, December 30, 2011


I have not posted a blog since 2011 on this particular blog. But my head has remained in the clouds and I have remained active in a variety of ways.
  1. I began my persuit of a 2nd Bachelors Degree in Space Studies at American Military University and I am now nearing completion of that degree. It has been a very exciting experience and I have made friendships with other students, as well as had the opportunity to have some phenomenal instructors such as Space Shuttle astronaut Wendy Lawrence and Dr. Benjamin G. Davis.
  2. I founded the African Space Science and Policy Institute in May, which originally began as a Facebook group. As of the date and time of this blog, I am waiting for the the train to Newark International airport to travel to Nairobi, Kenya, and later Kampala, Uganda to engage in several ASSPI projects.
  3. While I have not done any flying this year, I have upgraded to the VIP Package at Lookout Mountain Flight Park later this year. This will solidify my ability to train solid and prepare for later goals.

2012 fast approaches. I am anticipating and working towards a productive year.

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  1. Hello Gary,

    My name is Shen, a space entrepreneur living in Houston, Texas. We are currently planning an international conference on the Isle of Man. See link:

    Since my parents are in Atlanta, I come here once every other month or so. Will you want to meet up when I'm here? I'm actually here this week just to let you know.

    - Shen